What is DiaperMom.com?
DiaperMom.com is a Adult chat service only for adults 18+. All you need to do is register your account by calling the dispatcher. We give you This is not a subscription service (There is no recurring billing). You only pay for the minutes you decide to purchase. It's also the most Fabulous AB/DL Phone Sex Playroom EVER! Great Stories, a fun chatroom, and even better mommies, but we also hope that it becomes a special place for all individuals interested in the AB/DL Lifestyle to find out more, and did I forget to mention we love to PLAY NAUGHTY!

How do I place a call?
It's very simple, just call 1 (800) 890-7393 and you will be connected to the dispatcher who will take your payment information and connect you to the girl of your choice. Feel free to look around the site to find the perfect Mommy for you! We have so many different Mommies, Diaper wearing girls, Aunties, Grannies, Sitters and more, with unique sexual talents.

Do you have any other payment options?
Yes we do! You can always mail a money order, use a Pre-Paid credit card or gift card, used crypto currency, cash app, or venmo to pay for a call. With a Pre-Paid credit card, venmo, cash app, crypto you will be able to talk to a girl right then because we can process those the same day you purchase them. With money orders we have to wait for the money order to arrive in the mail and then we will keep it on file for when you call us back to use the credit you have purchased. Make sure to put your full name and address in the envelope with your money order so we can credit your name directly without any hassle. Please email us before you mail the money order so we know to look for it.
The address to mail the money order to is:
Nerd Shops LLC
2510 S Telegraph STE L-242
Bloomfield hills, MI 48302

What shows up on my bill?
We are very private and discreet, and you will be billed as Mad Pro Design.

What is the fee?
Our fee is $1.99 a minute with a $2.50 connection fee and $1.99 min for international callers. We sell in blocks of time, and you are able to extend your time with a girl at anytime. Just let her know if you would like to speak longer. Please see our rates page. Also, check out our specials, as they change often!

Where are your Mommies at, and can I meet them?
Our Mommies take your calls from the privacy of their own home. We are not a large call center, we are a small intimate company, and it shows! Unfortunately, you cannot meet the Mommies in person.

Can I talk about anything I want?
Absolutely! We are a no-taboo company, and all of our girls have different specialties. If you are unsure who would be the best for you, please just call the dispatcher for a recommendation.

Who do I contact if I have a billing problem?
You will call the same number you called for the service: 1(800) 890-7393 or send a email to: [email protected]

Can I use my left over minutes next time I call?
Unused minutes cannot carry over to a future call. Once your call is finished and you hang up your purchase has been completed. Ending a call before time has expired isn't a rare occurrence, so don't feel awkward if this happens. Left over minutes are appreciated and will be considered a gift to the girl you called.

How do I pay and how does it show up?
We accept Visa, Discover, American Express & Mastercard (and debit cards displaying either the Visa , discover, American Express or MasterCard logo as well as Pre-Paid cards). Our live dispatcher will safely process your credit card payment through our secure gateway. For your safety, credit card information is NOT kept on file. Please be prepared to supply your information before every call. All calls are discreetly billed as Madison Enterprises.

If you are unable to place your call using a credit or debit card due to either privacy or personal reasons, we offer alternate money order pre-payment. Just call the dispatcher and get the exact price of your call and send a check or money order to the company address. Don't forget to wait 7 business days for the check to clear before we can process your call.

Are international callers allowed to call?
Yes! International rates do apply and are billed at $1.99 a minute plus our $2.50 connection fee. International rates apply to those calling from outside of the U.S. and Canada.

DiaperMom.com IS SAFE
DiaperMom.com only puts you in contact with other consenting adults whose age was verified and photo ID is kept on file. You will not end up speaking with someone who is underage or unwilling to participate in adult activities. Unless YOU decide to transmit your personal information to one of the chat hosts, there is no way for them to have access to your phone number, your real name or address, as all phone communications are anonymized. All communications are private and remain strictly confidential. No one will tell others what you say or do here. Read our Privacy Policy. We will never call you unless a) you refuse to pay your credit card bill and b) we are unable to contact you via email to solve the issue. Read our Chargeback Policy. All services are discreetly billed as Mad Pro Design (Debit or Credit Cards)


Using DiaperMom.com is simple :
Pick a mommy and call her toll free at (800) 890-7393

We understand the importance of keeping our customer’s identity private from other members of the system. Your real identity and phone number are private. It will never be revealed to the girls or other members of the system. When texting, Operators only see your user name on the system. Also, your caller ID is blocked on Voice Calls.

You will NOT get unexpected text messages as girls can only ANSWER calls or texts. They are not technically enabled to initiate communications.

NO Charges or information will appear on your Phone Bill.

You can buy minutes 24/7
Payment Methods
Visa (Worldwide)
MasterCard (Worldwide)
American Express
Cash App
Crypto Currency
Money Order
PrePaid Credit Cards

Operators on DiaperMom.com are amazing, independent women (18+) who like to explore fantasies with other people over the phone.
Operators are NOT employees and do not have fixed schedules. ALL Operators have to submit their official ID in order to prove that they are 18+.