Baby Trisha

About Me:

Hi! I'm Trisha! Looking for a horny little diaper girl? You've found the horniest of all. I can't get enough. I'm always in my diaper, sucking on my pacifier. Mommy has to keep a close watch on me, because I'll do whatever I can to get myself off. Nothing turns me on more than rubbing myself with my pacifier and then sticking it back in my mouth when it's covered with my cummies. Often, I'm naughty on purpose, just so I can get spanked on my smooth little pussy. I'm always looking for an ABDL boy to play with. I like to play sexy games like "show me yours and I'll show you mine". My sex drive is so high, you might have trouble keeping up. I just can't get enough! I'm always finding new ways to calm my excited little special area. I keep my diapers nice and wet, so they're puffy enough to rub against. I love to keep them on during sex. The sound of them squeaking gets me so hot. There's nothing too dirty for me. I like to keep my pretty blonde hair in pigtails, so you have something to grab on to while I please you with my mouth. Keeping up with me sure can be a challenge. I spend all day finding new ways to keep myself sexually satisfied, and believe me, it isn't easy.

I love to talk like a baby and drink my bottle. I like to watch Mommy and then imitate her when I play with an ABDL boy. For example, I don't have any milk, but I sure do love letting you suck on my nipples. I pretend to breastfeed just like Mommy! I love games, but I'm not very good at hide and seek. I always end up forgetting to seek and finding something to hump against instead. I love to have my little diapered butt spanked. If I get put in time out, will you come please me so I won't be bored? If you need a challenge, I'm the one for you. I promise, no one wants more dirty, sexy fun than I do! I'm just a little baby, so I still have lots to learn. I love to be taught new positions and new ways to please others.

I love giving just as much as receiving. I'm extra tight, but when Mommy isn't looking, I've been practicing getting my bottle all the way inside myself. I want to please whoever wants to play with me. I love knowing that I'm satisfying someone just as much as I love satisfying myself. Mommy knows that my diaper change has to include special touches. I love to be rubbed any change I get. Especially at bedtime. It's a good way for me to wind down after I've spent my whole day trying to satisfy all my horny urges. I don't think it's naughty of it feels good. I just love sexy play! I'm always looking for other ABDLs to play with. There's nothing more fun than diaper sex! It's the best!

  • Baby Trisha took me on amazing experience, I was shocked of how good she made me feel and how wet she made my diaper. We shared the same vibrator and rubbed it against our padded diapers and both made our cunts very happy. She has me wanting for more I didn't wanna stop.
  • I found Baby Trishs on a random ad on Facebook, and I'm so glad I called. It was a dream come true to talk to such a beautiful person. Baby Trisha is the sweetest flirt out there. Talking to her made my whole night. Thanks for letting me be your little baby! 
  • Baby Trisha has the voice: girlish and sweet at the same time. Within a few minutes she lurks out your utterly private cravings and needs and satisfies them in her own very personal and intimate style. Pure perfection. Can't wait to talk to her again.
  • I almost have an addiction with Trisha. Baby Trisha is beyond anything you could hope for doing ABDL phone sex. She will take an unreal amount of pain and talk with you and provide everything you need and more she satisfied all my adult diaper baby needs!
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October 16, 2023

Perfect For A Pamper

    When you have a tiny baby size peepee instead of a man size cock then the best place for you and your little weewee is in a diapee.  And Mommy Candy is the perfect person to diaper you up and put you where you belong.  Mommy will take very good care of you and make you her sweet little diaper baby. Being an adult baby in a pamper with a mommy to take care of you and change your diapers is the best thing ever.  Mommy will treat like the little baby you truly are.  Mommy will strip […]
February 5, 2022

Baby Cherry Loves Naughty Time In Her Diapers

  It’s so ironic that my name is Cherry and I just so happen to have a popped cherry that I love to play with. I love to put my hand in there and play with it all day and all night long.  The way that it feels is so incredible that it makes my sweet little clitty stick up like a sore thumb. I get so lost in the great feeling so badly that if there was a war going on outside I would be none the wiser. Last night I took a nice bath and I made sure […]