Diaper Anna

About Me:

I'm the girl next door type and you can call me Anna. I may look innocent, but I am full of naughty secrets. If you're an ABDL boy, I'll fall for you, head over heels. Then, I'll tell you everything. Just for now, I'll tell you my biggest dirty secret. I love to wear diapers. Ssh, don't tell anyone. It's my biggest fetish. Sometimes, I lie about being messy because I don't want to be changed just yet. I like to stay in my dirty diaper. It turns me on so much, I end up playing with myself. I love touching myself under my diaper. Of course, I love diaper changes too. I always beg for special touches. I'm looking to settle down with another ABDL for something long term. I am very submissive. I simply love to please. Tell me your fantasy and I will do my best to fulfill it. I will get so naughty for you.

I will do just about anything. I want to learn all about your kinks, fetishes and desires. I am oh so very curious. I want to explore your fetishes and my own. I want to find new and exciting ways to play with my diaper fetish. I'm sure I can learn how to please you. My only goal is to be a good baby to play with. I aim to please. I want you to use me for your enjoyment. I know how to have lots of ABDL fun. I love to play sexy games. Teach me how to use my body for your pleasure. I learn fast. I know my place and you can spank me just like Mommy does if I do it wrong. You can teach me a lesson if you need to. If you want me to pretend to be a big girl, I can change your diaper for you. I can play with myself if you want. I will tell you how I like to be touched. Please dominate me and give me instructions. I love to be told what to do.

I'm just a baby, so I need directions. We can learn together. Having someone else in a diaper to have sexy play with just drives me wild. I'm smooth and tight. I don't have much experience, so you will have to show me what to do. I'm a good listener. I know how to do what I'm told. Keep me on my knees and make me your play toy. I hope you like my messy diapers. That's my biggest fetish. I know there's a lot out there I don't know about. I bet you have experience being an ABDL and you can tell me what you know. I would love to practice on you. Put me in my place and I will be under your command. Make any demands of me that you want. I love begging and being told what to do. Please come play in your messy diaper with me. I can be so much fun!

  • As an ABDL lesbian its very hard for me to find the right mommy that knows how to hit all the right pleasure spots. Anna reminded me of why I love girls and gave me so much passion. It's like if she was right here with me she even made me squirt and make a mess in my diaper (But she guided me in changing)
  • She made me feel like she was my Diaper Girl. Super sweet great voice, She played into my request and did everything to make me happy. Every move she did in perfect harmony. Sara took me on an amazing sister and brother bonding experience can't wait to call again. 
  • Thanks for the best phone sex ever, u made me cum so hard. It was so kinky and fun to talk to you I can’t wait till next time babe. You are the best and made me feel like a naughty dirty diaper boy.
  • Anna is a beautiful Diaper Lover and very kinky, and she has a great personality and is the sexy feminine girl I expect but i know she will be very hot and have me turned on enough to feel great, thank you Anna!
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October 16, 2021

A Little ABDL Fun

    With abdl roleplay we can experience all the fun of being a diapered little one that mommy takes care of.  And what’s more fun then having a mommy who also likes to wear diapers and use them?  We can both enjoy ourselves as we potty and play.  I just love to feel the warm wetness spread through my diaper as I sit in it and rock back and forth. I am Mommy Hazel and I am an adult baby diaper lover.  I not only like to wear diapers but I also like to diaper little ones and change […]
September 6, 2021

Diaper Lover Anna Loves Playing With Her Pretty Vagina

My name is Anna and I am an adult baby diaper lover girl and I love to play with my sweet pussy. I have all of the toys with me that I like to play with.  Let me start off by taking a hot shower so I could wash my sweet cunt to get it all fresh and clean.  As the water poured over my body I had no choice but to lather myself up and have my fingers rub against the fleshiness of my cunt. My inner vaginal lips feel so soft and slippery so I decide to slip […]
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