Diaper demi

About Me:

Hi! I'm ABDL Diaper Demi!! I'm always looking for other ABDL babies to play with. I spend a lot of time in my crib, fussing and crying. You won't see me without a pacifier in my mouth. I love being a big baby. I have so much to learn. You could say I am much like a virgin. I don't have much experience. I want someone to teach me. I get embarrassed and giggle, but don't worry, I like it. I love being touched inside my diaper. I know it's naughty, but I just can't help it. I get so very horny! We can learn together. I can touch you and you can touch me. I'll tell you what feels good and you can show me how to make you feel good. I get so nervous and shy, but I'll warm up to you quickly. After all, that's the only way I can learn. Don't worry about me getting tired. I'm full of energy. I wear all the mommies out, chasing me around. I love to play. You will be entranced with my ultra baby soft skin.

I look so cute with my puffy diapered butt. You will love my baby talk. I don't always know the right words for my parts or yours. I like to use cute baby talk to describe them. You will get so turned on by it. Some babies just need another baby to play with. Don't let Mommy catch us. I bet we would get all kinds of spankings for having sexy play together. I won't tell if you don't. You can tell me anything. I am good at keeping secrets. If I start to cry and whine (I'm just a baby after all) just rub my no no spot and I will settle down. I can't wait to tell you about how I hump my stuffed animals in my diaper when Mommy isn't looking. I'll gladly let you peek inside my diaper.

I'm so soft and smooth down there. I'm extra tight because I haven't had much experience. I will let you do whatever you want, because I want you to keep playing with me! I always like my pacifier, but it's easy to put other things in my mouth and I'll happily suck on them too! We can play all kinds of games together. I love to watch cartoons and play with toys. My baby talk is so cute because my voice is high and baby-like. I know what a big crybaby I am, but you can find new ways to quiet me down. After all, you don't want Mommy to catch us doing naughty play. I love to take off my diaper and onesie. We can run around naked together. I am sure to get curious about what you have underneath your diaper. I hope you will teach me how to play with it. Don't worry if you don't know either. We can learn together! I can't wait for you to play with me!

  • I love the way Demi's rough smoking voice gives me commands and tells me that she will do very inappropriate things to me. I was her baby and she forced me to drink and took advantage of me. She got me drunk and did very bad things to me. I still don't really remember our conversation.
  • Hands down the hottest Diaper Girl out there. She gave me that feeling of a naughty abdl girl and made sure I had a fresh nappie and I was well fed. Demi gave me a "Smoking" good time!
  • Demi Took in all my ideas easily and then created a fantasy 300% sexier than I could have imagined. Never thought I could fall for an Diaper Girl as I usually like older mommies to nurture me but Demi changed my mind on all that I will be back Demi.
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  • Diaper Sex

  • Phone Kisses

  • Incest Play

Diaper Emergency 1 (800) 890-7393
October 16, 2023

Perfect For A Pamper

    When you have a tiny baby size peepee instead of a man size cock then the best place for you and your little weewee is in a diapee.  And Mommy Candy is the perfect person to diaper you up and put you where you belong.  Mommy will take very good care of you and make you her sweet little diaper baby. Being an adult baby in a pamper with a mommy to take care of you and change your diapers is the best thing ever.  Mommy will treat like the little baby you truly are.  Mommy will strip […]
February 5, 2022

Baby Cherry Loves Naughty Time In Her Diapers

  It’s so ironic that my name is Cherry and I just so happen to have a popped cherry that I love to play with. I love to put my hand in there and play with it all day and all night long.  The way that it feels is so incredible that it makes my sweet little clitty stick up like a sore thumb. I get so lost in the great feeling so badly that if there was a war going on outside I would be none the wiser. Last night I took a nice bath and I made sure […]