Granny Windy

About Me:

Granny Windy is a smooth matured women that has a huge loving heart. Her experience and charm will give you plenty of assurance that you are dealing with someone who knows what they are doing. She makes no mistake when it comes to showing love and passion and has a huge heart with plenty of compassion. Taking care of and nurturing is what she has done most of her life. Soft spoken lips and a strong dominant force will let you know that she knows what is best for you. You can count on Granny Windy to always make sure that your nappy is clean and changed, that your paci is always around you, that your tummy will never go hungry and she will always be around to love and care for you. There isn't anything that she has not dealt with and nothing will draw her away from you. From you being a naughty little boy or a nice baby that listens, Granny windy will treat you equally and show you lots of love. Love that not even your mother could of given you she will make up for it and more. Tucking you into bed when you are scared and unable to sleep making sure you don't have nightmares.

When you feel like you are alone and nobody understands your lifestyle, Granny windy will re-assure you that everything is okay and smother you in kisses and love. Always having a fresh nappy change on hand and giving you all the support that you crave and need. With her short hair and large breast you will fall asleep on her until you are into a deep sleep comforted by her soft skin and subtle touch. There is no love like a love from a Granny, While you are away from her she will make you crave and think about her non-stop with a strong desire to be with her and feel every inch of comfort. When that little baby bump pokes out from your diaper she will be there to release all your tension and refresh your body like no other.

Frustrated with not being able to be pleased? Granny windy has plenty of experience and skills to squeeze out every ounce of pleasure within you and make you feel the best that you have ever felt. There is no substitute for a granny like Windy, Do not hesitate to reach out to her as she is always ready and willing to be apart of your life and show you all the wonderful things she can offer you in the Adult Baby lifestyle. No other comfort could be coming from anywhere else and you would be fooling yourself if you thought so. Both naughty and nice she can satisfy both of your needs whatever they may be. Come get a taste of granny Windy today! She is oh so desperately awaiting your call and will always be there for you with a unconditional love like no other. Call NOW!

  • Granny Windy's voice is hypnotic and addictive. She is authentic and her twisted, diabolical mind will seduce, entrance and weaken your will to resist. She will sow the seed of obsession in your mind and show you what a true mommy is like. This little baby is beyond happy.
  • I am Granny Windy's little baby. I love being naughty and having her spank me. She always tells me what to do and gives me homework assignments to do when we are done talking. She makes me want to drain my wallet and spend all my money on her.
  • I could tell in just the first 2 minutes that she is very, very good at this. She could wrap me around her fingers. It's in her voice - the attitude, the dominance. It was all so clear to me so early. Beautiful voice. Strict, demanding tone.
  • Spanking

  • Diaper Rubs

  • Age Regression

  • Strict Discipline

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September 6, 2021
abdl girl

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My name is Anna and I am an adult baby diaper lover girl and I love to play with my sweet pussy. I have all of the toys with me that I like to play with.  Let me start off by taking a hot shower so I could wash my sweet cunt to get it all fresh and clean.  As the water poured over my body I had no choice but to lather myself up and have my fingers rub against the fleshiness of my cunt. My inner vaginal lips feel so soft and slippery so I decide to slip […]
September 6, 2021
abdl girl

Diaper Lover Arianna Wants To Play With A Little Banana

  I am DL Arianna and I want to play with a little banana. I bet you can’t guess what kind of a banana it is.  Okay, I am going to give you a couple of clues.  The banana that I want to play with is not yellow.  The banana that I want to play with cannot be peeled.  The banana that I want to play with, does not come in a bag with a bunch of other bananas.  The banana that I want to play with, I cannot bite and swallow it because it is not a fruit.  Okay, […]
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