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About Me:

Hazel, here. I'm a feisty, demanding redhead. My glare is full of judgement and will make you feel smaller than you can possibly imagine. My mature, pregnant, body will excite you like no other. My distinct, raspy, sensual voice will echo through the phone and have you begging for more. However, you'll be no matter what. It's my nature. I love making you feel beneath me, because you are. I'm the queen of humiliation. I'll poke fun at you. I'll laugh at you. Don't underestimate the lengths I'll go to entertain myself. I'll rub my pregnant belly while you attempt to pleasure me. A pathetic attempt, no doubt. You'll be excited by my sass and apparent disdain for you. I'll stare at you in boredom and contempt as I unenthusiastic-ally pleasure you. The words I use to humiliate you will be scathing.

You'll feel privileged just to hear my out of this world voice putting you down. There's no way to knock me off my high horse. I get off on the degradation of others. The pathetic whimpers excite me immeasurably. My dirty looks say it all. I impatiently tap my perfectly manicured nails as I wait for you to amuse me. Being pregnant, I require a lot of attention to my feet. You'll take care of this of course. You'll learn to do as I say. If you don't, of course I'll have to punish you. My punishments aren't physical. I'll humiliate you. You'll be talked down to and turned into a little sissy for my amusement. I'll have fun putting you in frilly dresses and reminding you who's boss. I like to sit in a chair and make you sit on the floor.

Maybe I'll put you in extra diapers to keep you from getting hard. You'll never know what to expect with me. Pregnant women can be hormonal, so there may be days I'm feeling extra cruel. You'll want to do everything you can to try and please me. I just have that way about me. You'll try as hard as you can to please me. I'll try as hard as I can not to let you. Don't worry, I'll let you put in as much work as you'd like. I love to have you rub my swollen breasts. They're just so big! I love to tease you before I pleasure you. You'll learn to enjoy it too. Once you learn how to do things my way, I'll be a little easier to deal with. The first time you receive praise from me, it will be like an out of body experience. It will make you work harder and harder for it. That is one of the things that makes me special. I don't give my love and affection freely. It is going to cost you your very dignity. You will see that it is worth it. I can be just as good at pleasing you and I am at humiliating you. Just be a good boy and maybe I'll come around.

  • Everybody this girl is so adorable her cute voice sexy body will drive you nuts and make you cum very hard she is my favorite little abdl slut I had so much fun with her and making her my first!
  • This girl is very special she understands what guys want and like, not afraid to say whats her mind and I like that. Her sexual side is nothing like no other very kinky and very wild.
  • Wonderful; Hazel IS adorable and presides over her subjects, for real. Adore her! Don't take her from me:) Or, do:) her voice really soothed me and relaxed me
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October 16, 2023

Perfect For A Pamper

    When you have a tiny baby size peepee instead of a man size cock then the best place for you and your little weewee is in a diapee.  And Mommy Candy is the perfect person to diaper you up and put you where you belong.  Mommy will take very good care of you and make you her sweet little diaper baby. Being an adult baby in a pamper with a mommy to take care of you and change your diapers is the best thing ever.  Mommy will treat like the little baby you truly are.  Mommy will strip […]
February 5, 2022

Baby Cherry Loves Naughty Time In Her Diapers

  It’s so ironic that my name is Cherry and I just so happen to have a popped cherry that I love to play with. I love to put my hand in there and play with it all day and all night long.  The way that it feels is so incredible that it makes my sweet little clitty stick up like a sore thumb. I get so lost in the great feeling so badly that if there was a war going on outside I would be none the wiser. Last night I took a nice bath and I made sure […]