Mommy Karen

About Me:

Hey sexy, this is Karen. Looking for a hot, mature MILF? You've found the wildest one! My silky blonde hair will drive you up the wall when it grazes your thighs as I pleasure you with my mouth. Oh, how I simply love to get on my knees for you. I will suck you off with passion and vigor. You will be astonished with my energy level. My maturity has given me years to hone my skill. I'll guarantee you've never seen the tricks I can do with my mouth. First, you'll be begging for more. Then, you'll be begging for mercy. Just because you've reached your release doesn't mean I'll stop. I love to keep going as I swallow. Your knees will shake and quiver. I'll use my tongue, my hands and suck like a vacuum. You won't know how to deal with the extreme pleasure. I'm as kinky as they come. There's nothing that's off limits. My sexual prowess is unparalleled. I'll show you things you've only had wet dreams of. My appetite is insatiable. My Mommy demeanor makes me even sexier.

I love all ABDLs. Babies are always learning and I am the best teacher around. I will hold you to my supple breasts and teach you how to suckle from them. My hand will guide your hand to the playground in my panties. I'll tell you just what I want in my sultry voice. The feeling of my soft, silky skin will get you so excited, you'll be desperate to follow my instructions to get your reward. I love to hear your beg and plead. You'll want more and more of me. It will never be enough once you have been in my mouth and between my legs. My sensual touch will make you shiver with unadulterated need. I love to show off my body and teach you about all of my lady parts. I will tease you until you're ready to burst.

Then I will give myself to you with reckless abandon. With each diaper change, I'll be sure to apply lotion to your special little area in a sexual way. You'll want to wet your diaper just to get Mommy Karen's special touches. At bath time, I'll get in with you so you can explore my sexy, mature, MILF body. At bedtime, I love to lay down with my ABDL. You can nurse from my huge tits and erect nipples. I'll put my silky hand in your diaper and massage your special appendage. Make sure you always ask permission before I finish you off. That doesn't mean I'll be ready to stop. You'll be pleasantly worn out from my constant sexual need. I just can't get enough of my ABDLs. I love to cuddle and nurture. My body is flexible, tight and capable of things you've never even considered. Being intimate with me is an experience you'll not soon forget. You'll keep coming back for more and more. No one ever seems to get enough of horny, kinky Mommy Karen.

  • After talking to Karen for 60min I felt a rush of relief come down from me as my baby wee wee got drained and I was sweating from pleasure. I did exactly as she said and she trained me to do cummies in my diaper.
  • Mommy Karen is the nastiest dirtiest mom I have ever spoken with she told me things that I didn't know was possible and made feel like a true sissy.
  • I honestly didn't think we would connect. I have really high expectations for my mommies and Karen did everything right. Great call, she can be very naughty and tell you nasty things that will make you shake. I love it. She is my favorite mommy now.
  • Spanking

  • Strict Mommy

  • Humiliation

  • Sissification

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October 16, 2021

A Little ABDL Fun

    With abdl roleplay we can experience all the fun of being a diapered little one that mommy takes care of.  And what’s more fun then having a mommy who also likes to wear diapers and use them?  We can both enjoy ourselves as we potty and play.  I just love to feel the warm wetness spread through my diaper as I sit in it and rock back and forth. I am Mommy Hazel and I am an adult baby diaper lover.  I not only like to wear diapers but I also like to diaper little ones and change […]
September 6, 2021

Diaper Lover Anna Loves Playing With Her Pretty Vagina

My name is Anna and I am an adult baby diaper lover girl and I love to play with my sweet pussy. I have all of the toys with me that I like to play with.  Let me start off by taking a hot shower so I could wash my sweet cunt to get it all fresh and clean.  As the water poured over my body I had no choice but to lather myself up and have my fingers rub against the fleshiness of my cunt. My inner vaginal lips feel so soft and slippery so I decide to slip […]
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