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Hello there, you naughty ABDL. I'm Vanessa. If you're looking to be punished, you've come to the right Mommy. My maturity has given my years of experience. I know exactly what I'm doing. The spankings I dole out will make you do naughty things just to get punished. I'm here to tease you, not to please you. The only pleasure you'll receive from me will be when I allow you to relieve yourself. You're not worthy of the glory I hold between my legs. Of course, I'll let you look. I'll even encourage it. You won't be getting your dirty little baby hands on my mature, MILF body any time soon. The punishments I'll give you are cruel, yet exhilarating. I'll excite you to a level you've never even dreamed of. You'll love being dominated by me. You can be and plead all you like, but I won't let up. I know exactly what you need to keep you in line. There's no other Mommy that knows how to teach you to behave as well as I.

Trust me when I tell you this is an experience you'll never forget. I am a demanding mistress that will test your limits. You'll find yourself doing anything I ask. It's my sexy voice and domineering nature that will appeal to you. I'll turn you into my little sissy pet. You won't want to disappoint me, though you most definitely will. Do not even think of trying to defy me. I will keep you under my thumb, no matter what you try. I will whip you into submission. I have a very low tolerance for bad behavior. Babies must learn their place. I know how to conquer the most stubborn. You will learn my expectations very quickly. Should you choose to disobey me, I will most definitely teach you a lesson.

There is no need to try and please me. The only way to turn me on is to let me punish you as I see fit. It gives me such a thrill! I love to hear you beg for mercy as I whip or spank you. I like a lot of variety, so you will never know just what to expect. I will teach you to worship me like the goddess I am. My expectations are higher than you could even imagine. I have so much to teach you. The punishments I have in store are creative and unique. I love to humiliate you. You will learn to love it too. Babies need to be trained. I have learned over my many years of being a mommy that strict is best. You must learn to behave. I have an arsenal of tools to use on your little bottom. I love to use chastity and edging to excite us both. You will grow to love being my little baby slave. I never disappoint. If you have been naughty and cannot seem to stop yourself, you have definitely found the right Mommy. I have broken the most stubborn and insubordinate ABDLs of all. I can't wait to bend you over.

  • Vanessa whipped me into a frenzy of my own fantasies racing through my mind. She owns me a soon as she picks up the phone.....Even when she doesn’t say a word, I hear her loud and clear.
  • This sexy girl totally humiliated me and punished me while I jacked off. I will be coming back and giving her more of what little money I have. She deserves it. I'm hard again just thinking about the taste!
  • Had an awesome time with Vanessa!! Sweetest and most beautiful woman on out there Her sexy voice and naughty ideas I am fully satisfied
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October 16, 2023

Perfect For A Pamper

    When you have a tiny baby size peepee instead of a man size cock then the best place for you and your little weewee is in a diapee.  And Mommy Candy is the perfect person to diaper you up and put you where you belong.  Mommy will take very good care of you and make you her sweet little diaper baby. Being an adult baby in a pamper with a mommy to take care of you and change your diapers is the best thing ever.  Mommy will treat like the little baby you truly are.  Mommy will strip […]
February 5, 2022

Baby Cherry Loves Naughty Time In Her Diapers

  It’s so ironic that my name is Cherry and I just so happen to have a popped cherry that I love to play with. I love to put my hand in there and play with it all day and all night long.  The way that it feels is so incredible that it makes my sweet little clitty stick up like a sore thumb. I get so lost in the great feeling so badly that if there was a war going on outside I would be none the wiser. Last night I took a nice bath and I made sure […]